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Pruning standards

Having some recognized level of set standards for tree pruning is a very important thing. And, private non-profit organizations like the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) do exactly that. The ANSI has created a sort of guide to tree pruning that covers a lot many different things like cleaning, pruning, reduction and thinning. There are other guidelines about other things as well. For example, the ANSI tree pruning standards have all the instructions on proper tree pruning practices like where to prune the tree and how much to prune it, etc.

Hiring a professional tree service company

So, when you are hiring a tree service Cape Coral company to prune your trees, make sure that they follow the proper standards for tree pruning. These standards are both for pruning the tree and the safety of the one who is pruning the tree.

Caring for the trees

Furthermore, trees are also life; and in more than one way because firstly – trees are life themselves, and then – in many ways trees have made our existence possible through photosynthesis and whatnot. As such, trees must be treated with respect and dignity because pruning cuts can sometimes severely wound a tree.

Structural pruning

Now that we have understood why we need some standards for tree pruning, let us look at why we need tree pruning itself.

Structural pruning, for example, is a type of tree pruning that helps in developing and maintaining the stability of a tree. Structural pruning can be very beneficial for landscape trees. However, for some particular trees growing near buildings, roads or other such public places – structural pruning is not just beneficial but potentially lifesaving.

This is because trees with uncontrolled and unbalanced crown growth that have more branches (and maybe heavier, too) on one side than the other can make the tree lean towards a particular direction. So, there is not just the risk of branches falling on someone but there is also the risk of the tree itself falling on someone or something. That is why, in such cases, structural pruning is very much needed.

Urban trees

All of this happens only because trees grow very differently in urban landscapes. Trees belong in forests and jungles after all and not in cities. As a result, trees in urban environments grow with such structural defects as mentioned above.